Letting office space in Leipzig

We do not speculate with accidental market fluctuations but focus on active efforts with all market participants. Based on a solid analysis of the prospective tenants‘ requests, we design a tailor-made profile for their future premises. This way we signal that we take our clients‘ needs seriously, and that we do our best to meet their office space requirements. A vital factor for both the quality of our offer and the consulting services for our client is not to offer a huge quantity of options, but to find the one perfectly fitting solution.

Success can only be achieved by means of a holistic approach to consulting clients. This service starts with the first contact and ends with handing over the rental space. During the marketing process, we cooperate with our partners to establish planning material that reflects on space requirements of the future rental space. If requested, we also offer a service to calculate and plan the furnishing for the office space.

Our impartial consulting services contrive that we strive for alternative solutions for future use and more efficient utilisation of rental space. This does improve the situation for both tenant and landlord.

Stadtbaugroup has an inter-market trading system in place that allows for providing office space solutions of different sizes and periods. These can be adapted to our customers‘ requirements in terms of partition, extension or facilitation.

Our tenancy clients enjoy our offer to find ideal solutions by providing special services:
Market conditions are subject to constant economical changes, from which arises a need to consequently adjust the supply of office space to rental space on demand. Factors here are both of economic and technical nature. In collaboration with our partners, we offer an analysis of their existing rental space, and then make a recommendation to satisfy their current requirements for office space.